It’s been a while since we brought you As the Crow Flies—our entirely irregular and themeless weekend guide—but, with so much awesomeness this weekend, we couldn’t resist. As a side note, though, we promise to bring back our semi-atrophied series chronicling personal stories on becoming vegetarian/vegan, Not Just a Phase,

shortly. Real-promise, not blog-promise.

Like an Opera on Steroids
Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to catch the premiere of Dave Dalton’s insanely creative, fun adaptation of part one of Wagner’s Ring Cycle (pictured above), which took the epic Norse themes from the original opera and dropkicked them straight into an 80’s rock n’ wrestling world. Debuting last night and running until the end of the month, Dalton and company have expanded the adaptation to cover parts one and two of the production, promising even more tag-ins, smack-talkin’, piledrivin’, and sirin-filled searches for the fabled Rhine Gold. Get tickets to the show at Brooklyn’s Performance Lab 115 here. Photo by Jeff Clarke.

Key to the City
This weekend marks the annual openhousenewyork celebration, “America’s largest architecture and design event.” If you’ve never been, definitely check it out. It’s essentially a coordinated effort, borough-wide (yes, even in Staten Island), to open up oft-closed or private gems in the city and/or provide tours of the many must-visit sites in NYC. For example, take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Apollo Theater. Or tour the former bathhouse at the Brooklyn Lyceum and enjoy their Beer and Whisky Marketplace. Or visit Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery and go on the “Angels and Accordians” tour (pictured to the right a few years back) to interact with rather well-informed “ghosts” around the historic cemetery and follow around a band of well-dressed minstrels. I mean, how often can you do that?

Two Turntables and a Microphone. And some Posters. And shirts.
Online indie merch kings InSound step out into the real world this weekend with a pop-up shop featuring silk-screened concert posters, an extensive collection of band t-shirts, vinyl, and, for anyone looking for some quality items with which to play vinyl, some nice turntables. They’ve also got some impressive guest DJs like Nick from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and SNL’s Fred Armisen spinning tunes. I mean, they’re no Kitten Loves Joe, but, nonetheless, stop on by—201 Mulberry.

Don’t Be a Turkey, O
Even if Farm Sanctuary weren’t one of our (favorite) clients, we’d want to be shouting their every move from the rooftops. Most recent, President + Co-Founder, Gene Baur is making the call to sign the petition to send next month’s “pardoned” turkey to FS’s sanctuary. As you may or may not know, these presidentially favored birds are traditionally sent to Walt Disney World or Disneyland where many of them die within a year (thumbs down). Farm Sanctuary, however, has been rescuing and providing cruelty-free lives for farm animals since 1986. Click here to sign the petition and let Mr. O know you’re not down with the ‘hey, we won’t eat you now, but you’re life’ll still suck forever’ joke. And want to “adopt” a turkey for you or a loved one this Thanksgiving season? Visit FS’s page to find out more about their Adopt-A-Turkey program and why you should care.

Tomorrow would have marked John Lennon’s 70th birthday. To celebrate, the New York Film Festival is premiering Michael Epstein’s documentary LENNONNYC, a “moving, revealing portrait of the music legend’s New York years, detailing not only his triumphs but also some hard times over which he so beautifully recovered in the final years of his tragically curtailed life.” See it tomorrow in—where else?—Central Park. And we highly recommend taking a few minutes to listen to the Brian Lehrer Show’s piece on Lennon today. There’re some insanely endearing audio clips of Lennon that make you somehow love and miss him even more. Ooh. The online singalong though? Not so cool.

Cee Lo (hearts) Band of Horses (hearts) Cee Lo
Now that we’re talkin’ music, have you heard Cee Lo (of Gnarles Barkley et al fame) cover Band of Horses“No One’s Gonna Love You”? If not, hear it here. Like, immediately. Band of Horses today announced their reciprocation—A cover of Cee Lo’s “Georgia”, recorded with the University of Georgia Redcoat Marching Band. Also highly recommended and available for the low low price of 99¢.

We Did Not Make This

Finally, we’re not fans of spec work in theory, but this poster, designed in a contest for one of our favo(u)rite bands, Foals, is pretty keen and worth mentioning. Well-played, Mr. Harry Wright. Well-played.

Ya’ll have a great weekend!