A new studio + a new year = some much-needed spring cleaning; the latest victim—this old AS 3.0 Lomo 35mm Camera from Supersampler.

I came across it as we were unpacking some studio equipment and was immediately brought back to the year or so I was obsessed with this while living in DC, some 12 years back. The camera’s operated by the ripcord on the side which, when pulled, “samples” the subject infant of the four separate fixed-focus lenses on the cameras front.

Things like Instagram and, in a larger sense, digital photography in general have made this camera and others relatively obsolete for us (which is great since digital means not relying on gelatin-based, not-so-animal-friendly prints), but the spontaneity and lack of control inherent in the photos is compelling and fun in a way we can’t as easily revisit…like a lot of life looking back on life past.

Below, some shots from DC and a trip to Hawaii. And yes, Katie was a member in good standing of the Fig Newton Federation.

raven+crow_fig_newton raven+crow_fours_red_palm raven+crow_fours_ocean raven+crow_washington_statue raven+crow_fours_storm