Almost three months in to our new role as Creative Directors and show runners for MooShoes Los Angeles (sorry—the city’s shop talk has finally started to sink in), we’ve created a set of four prints + matching stickers that pull some of the illustration and hand-lettering work we did for the store wallpaper, all of which are now available for sale in the LA store, the NYC store, and at

The prints were printed locally in Los Angeles at an environmentally friendly, low-waste printer on partially recycled content, heavy-weight paper. We obviously wanted to make sure these were as low-impact as possible and, at the same, end up with a high-quality print on paper that would really do a good job absorbing big blocks of bold color for these.

Once we find a good match in terms of local manufacturers, we’re planning to take the designs and start applying them to some apparel—tees, pullover hoodies, tanks once it warms back up.

In the meantime, fee free to stop by either the Los Angeles or New York store to check the prints out in person or order them online. Below, all four on display individually in the LA store.

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