Continuing on our homage to our dear cat, Allister, in 2008, we think our old Russian landlord died; we never got a clear answer. Regardless, we were forced to move out because he was out of the picture. The rumor went that his “partners” were the Orthodox Russian Jewish mob, which—god bless New York—is a thing that exists. Or did then at least.

So we left Park Slope and moved to an amazing apartment in a shitty neighborhood—Sunset Park. Not to throw shade at Sunset Park; the proper neighborhood’s cool with its awesome park and vibrant Asian American community. But we lived on the sex-shop-saturated northern border of Sunset Park. Not good, not cool. But our new landlords did a hell of a remodel on a spacious apart with a yard of all things, so how could we say no?

We weren’t there long—less than a year—but we had many lovely times in that apartment and Allister loved the back windows and yard for their feral-cat- and bird-watching.

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