Above and below, Tokyo’s National Art Center and Yayoi Kusama‘s show there. In Los Angeles and New York especially, Kusama’s known for her Infinity Mirror Room series, which you’ve likely seen all over Instagram. But she has an extensive body of work that spans the years, mediums, styles, and genres. On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the Art Center showed YAYOI KUSAMA: My Eternal Soul—132 paintings from Kusama’s “My Eternal Soul” series that she embarked upon in 2009 along with a retrospective view “through 80 works that range from her earliest drawings to the present”. There was a very Instagram-worth sticker room too though.

Below, Veganic vegan cafe in Roppongi, just around the corner from the National Art Center; their “Fishy Tartar” fish-style sandwich (their burgers and sandwiches are all served on house-made buns that are made with organic hemp charcoal, which is what makes them oddly purple); soy nuggets, which were great; and their vegan soft serve.

And the only couple photos that exist from our visit to Golden Gai.