Above, a house in Kyoto; below, in the hotel before we hit the road south, Kodomo “Beer for Kids” (no joke) and Japanese Coke and Japanese sports drink “Pocari Sweat”.

Soranoiro Nippon—another great ramen shop buried in Tokyo Station, this one actually on “Ramen Street”, a ramen specialty are on the basement floor of the station with eight different ramen shops side-by-side—and their vegan ramens. And Katie posing by a McDonalds sign.

The vegan bento box we picked up in the train station and enjoyed on the Shinkansen, AKA bullet train.

Below, Higashi Hongan-ji, or the Eastern Temple of the Original Vow; cute road signs; and yuba and soft tofu from Mamehachi, a traditional tofu restaurant in Pontocho Alley.