Above, the top of Kansuiro, the ryokan in which we stayed, peaking above the trees in Hakone; below, a stop at Kurasu, the aforementioned cute coffee shop for two of us on the way out of Kyoto, and Organic house Saulte, an all vegan cafe tucked away in an alley just north of the train station for the other half of our party.

Mount Fuji from the Shinkansen bullet train and the many faces of the traditional inn and hot springs, including the wing of the inn built mid-century, complete with arcade (and us in the robes they give you to lounge around in on the grounds).

Some of our first meal at Kansuiro, including tofu, seaweed cakes, freshly made buckwheat soba noodles with dipping sauce, and miso soup with radish cake. And a photo in the back garden of our Kyoto house, just before we left. (Pro tip—wear a suit when traveling in Japan for maximum cool factor.)