The fabled T’s Tan Tan did not disappoint. The excellent all-vegan ramen shop buried deep in Tokyo Station specializes in tan tan style ramen (a Chinese-Japanese hybrid noodle soup with a deep broth flavored with sesame and a bit of chili-pepper heat) and traditional vegan ramen as well. Below, their soy meat side (one of our favorites); vegan gyoza; the tan tan spicy ramen; and the black sesame traditional ramen, which turned out to be the overall hands-down winner on this trip and a subsequent visit.

Tokyo Imperial Palace grounds and the former site of Edo Castle, the former seat of the Tokugawa shogun who ruled Japan from 1603 to 1867.

Akihabara Electric Town and renowned retro video game store Super Potato.

And, finally, a vegan buddhist cafe inside a Japanese market under a train station. The market was great; the cafe—which serves temple cuisine—was okay (worth a stop if you’re nearby and need a bite).